Advanced riding


The Advanced riding course, is ideal for those who can ride with flow but want to master more technical skills such as short turns and carving, as well as some performance riding like euro carves!


Often snowboarders find that they tend to plateau and are unable to progress further, they may experience fatigue when riding and struggle with certain aspects such as straight lining or holding speed. If any of these aspects sound familiar and you're unsure how to progress then this is the course for you!





Learn to own the slope and ride longer, faster and with style! Students also benefit from video analysis to gain a better understanding of their riding and how to improve.


Course content includes:




  • Carving
  • Short turns
  • Performance carving such as euro carves
  • Creating board peformance




Course duration:  4hrs 


Price: £85 (includes lift pass)


Course location: Chill Factore / Beyond Manchester


Important due to covid 19 there is a Maximum course size of 2 people per course.


Course Dates

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