Advanced riders club

This is a fortnightly session designed for riders who want to continuously improve their riding, Ideal for those working towards a long term goal, or just wanting to ensure their riding is constantly being improved and their skills are being challenged.

As always students will benefit from video analysis to gain a better understanding of their riding.

The course content will change for each session to ensure riders become well rounded in all areas, some of the things covered in these sessions will be:

  • Performance riding carving/short turns etc
  • Freestyle flatland
  • Features Boxes/rails/kickers
  • Trick riding/jibbing
  • Tactical riding/performance drills

To help track progress we will also be using the traffic light system which is employed by Team GBs park and Pipe team

Course duration:  2hrs (fortnightly)

Price: £60 (includes lift pass)

Course location: Chill Factore / Beyond Manchester

Important due to covid 19 there is a Maximum course size of 2 people per course.

Course Dates

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