Dougal Doyle - Head Coach and owner of Love Snowboarding.

I started snowboarding when I was about 18 with no lessons and took an absolute beating! I stuck with it and by the end of the week I could (sort of) snowboard.

The next season I went away for the winter with two friends we all chipped in and bought a van together, all I can say is that it was cold but life changing! From this point on I was hooked!

My main passion for many years in snowboarding was freestyle and I earned quite a good reputation on the UK scene for a number of years with sponsorships through NOMIS clothing, Subvert board store and ICON snowboards I even won a big air event down in London once. At this point I decided to focus on my career as an instructor as I had never worked in a job that I found quite so rewarding and loved teaching people something that meant so much to me.

I did my first instructor exam in New Zealand it was actually a freestyle coaches exam! I then went on to do my level 1, 2 and 3 through the NZ system.

After some time I decided to try the Canadian system and did my level 2 and 3 and freestyle coaches qualification.

Finally, I settled on the British system and completed my level 3 ISIA and Level 4 ISTD

Through each of these courses I had to correct habits I had picked up and found each system complimented the other in some way and added more to my understanding!

Fact File

Years riding: 19 

Years teaching: 11

Favourite trick: Big floaty BS 180

Favourite rider: JP Walker

Where are you from? Originally New York, but grew up in Wales in the sticks where I spent most summers climbing trees, mountain biking and anything else we could think of!

Describe your riding style: Pretty loose and relaxed I try and really enjoy my time riding so its not all about gunning it down the mountain as fast as possible, you can miss so many good side hits otherwise!

Describe a perfect day: Getting first lifts and riding some fresh powder, then hooking up with some friends and lapping the park, before cruising back and hitting some secret powder stashes on the way home!