Instructor training - level 1

If you have ever wanted to become a snowboard instructor then this is the right course for you!

Getting to the required standard can be tricky! With years of experience in instructor training with a level 4 BASI Instructor we can put you on the path to success. This course covers all the ingredients required to pass your first instructor exams and get started with your instructing career!

The course covers all aspects of the instructor assessment including:

  • Intro to the central theme
  • Riding with effective posture and balance
  • In both standard and switch stance
  • Nose and Tail presses
  • Ollies/nollies
  • Backside/Frontside 180 + combining tricks
  • Cleanly carving with effective posture and balance

Students also benefit from video analysis to gain a better understanding of their riding and how to improve.

NOTE: It is recommended that students thinking of undertaking an instructor course leave ample time to prepare for the actual exam.

3 week course 3 x 3 hr session - £210 (Minimum group numbers of 2 apply)

Maximum group size: 6

Course Dates