Intro to kickers

Ideal for those who are starting to play around with freestyle and want to build confidence with the right technique to take off… and land safely!

Freestyle and kickers, in particular, are one of the most challenging aspects of snowboarding. But if done correctly they are also one of the most expressive and fun elements! Here at Love Snowboarding, we provide expert tuition from years of experience!

This course focuses on the correct set up by focusing on the key ingredients of ATL (Approach, Takeoff and Landing). Students also benefit from video analysis to gain a better understanding of their riding and how to improve.

This course covers:

  • Stance and approach
  • Straight airs
  • Popping and creating height

Course duration:  4hrs

Price: £85 (includes lift pass)

Course location: Chill Factore / Beyond Manchester

Important due to covid 19 there is a Maximum course size of 2 people per course.

Course Dates

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